Chlorine Clear Shampoo


Swim Care – Chlorine Clear Shampoo

Swim Care Chlorine & Odour Clear Shampoo has been enhanced with Aloe Vera extracts, Pro-Vitamin B5 and Vitamin E to nourish your hair while it gently removes all the chlorine buildup and the unpleasant smells from your scalp and hair.


Tips To Protect Your Hair & Scalp While Swimming
  • Before swimming wet hair with clean water first
  • Coat your hair and scalp with conditioner or oil
  • A swimming cap offers some protection from chlorinated water
  • Wash your hair immediately after swimming with Swim Care Chlorine Clear Shampoo
Why Swim Care – Chlorine Clear Shampoo

Chlorine is very drying for your hair. Chlorinated water strips the hair of its natural lubricant, Hair’s protective cuticles crack, which leads to split ends and frequent breaking of strands

Benefits Of Swim Care – Chlorine Clear Shampoo
  • Removes chlorine buildup, salt and other minerals from the hair & Scalp
  • Rehydrates the Scalp
  • Reverses damage caused by chlorinated swimming pool water
  • Formulated to cleanse as well as nourish hair with natural ingredients
  • Removes Dirt and Sweat from the hair & scalp
  • Removes chlorine odor and leaves hair smelling fresh through the day
Chlorine Clear Shampoo
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