About Swim Care

Who We Are ?

Impact Labs Pvt Ltd was established in 1987 with a vision of becoming a leading provider of quality health and pharmaceutical products. Swim Care is an extension of our vision. We are proud to bring you world class skin, hair and dental care products developed specially for everyone who enjoys swimming.

Our Values

Swimming is an ultimate sport, pushing the physical boundaries for swimmers each time they dive into a pool. Swimming has the power to give your muscles a makeover, transform you into a cardio king, and turn back the clock. Too much exposure to the chlorinated pool water can cause damage to your skin and teeth such as acne, eczema, rashes, tooth enamel erosion and tooth discoloration. Our Preswim Lotion, Bodywash and Shampoo plays a vital role in shielding you against the harmful effects of chlorine. Swim Care products have been developed to help everyone swim better and swim healthier.

Our Mission

Swim Care products provide complete protection from the harmful effects of chlorine and other water purifying chemicals in your pool water. Our world class products are gentle on your body and regular use can reverse the damage already caused to your skin, hair and teeth.

Swim Care is passionately working towards a goal of making Swimming a popular, healthier and risk-free sport in the country. We are proud of all the positive feedback and support we have received from the Swimming Community in India, Parents, Coaches and customers. We are happy to provide more information on our products.